February – Yalicza Fernandez Mungui

Yalicza Fernandez Munguia, a senior at Rio Vista High School, has been nominated by the Engineering/Woodshop Department as the February Student of the Month for the Soroptimists of Rio Vista. Although, Yalicza has not lived in Rio Vista her whole life, she has become an integral part of the school community and is well-liked by her peers. Yalicza’s favorite subjects are math and science. She has been on the high school’s honor roll and plans to attend college next year. Her hope is to study science while at college.

She has many hobbies which have been helpful during this time. She enjoys reading, doing puzzles, gardening, cooking, baking and making recycled paper. Yalicza has an extensive and loving family with mom, Gloria Munguia, and siblings: Victor, Carlos, Ana, Joel and Salvador. Yalicza has a bright future ahead and we wish her all the best in college!