Ruby Award

Geraldine (Gerry) Mori 2018/19 Award Winner

Gerry’s daughter says, “She is not only an inspiration to other women, but she is an inspiration to me.” Young and old admire her for her love of life. Gerry was married 61 years to the late John Mori. Gerry loves singing, sharing her incredible talent with many groups, churches, and organizations. She feels that music can heal the soul. Gerry formed a singing group that brought joy to all who heard them. She started work at Delta Pharmacy in 1979 where she continues to inspire women to enjoy the work they do, regardless of age. Gerry is also an actress, acting in all the plays produced by the late Janey Callahan-Chin. She raised funds for youth scholarships. Gerry also taught classes at St Joseph’s Catholic Church. Gerry is a community leader, friend to all she meets, mother, grandmother, and wife.

About the Ruby Award

The Ruby Award honors the first federation President Ruby Lee Minar. Ruby is also a gemstone associated with wisdom, importance, vitality, strength, power and love: All words embodying the award recipients. This award honors women who are making extraordinary differences in the lives of other women. 

A Ruby Award recipient is a woman who: 

  • Works to improve the lives of women and girls, 
  • Has significant impact on the lives of women and girls,
  • Inspires and encourages other women.