Founder Region Fellowship

Founder Region Fellowship advances the Soroptimist mission, awarding grants to women in the final phase of their doctoral degree. The club strongly supports education as a way of empowering women and are major supporters of this program, typically fundraising for one to two club members to receive Fellows each year. Through a combination of fundraising (ongoing member donations to a drawing) and luck (three members were awarded from a Founder Region Fellowship Walk promotion), an astounding six club members became “Fellows” in 2021/22.

What is a Fellow?

Fellowships are grants or scholarships. But what is a fellow? Most often used in an academic context, a fellow is often part of an elite group of learned people who work together as peers in the pursuit of knowledge or practice.

A Soroptimist “Fellow” is a person or club that is indeed a member of an elite group. Every fellow named represents $1000 in donations to the Soroptimist Founder Region Fellowship Program, which provides scholarships to some amazing women. Over 750 Soroptimist women have become Fellows since 1948. Five hundred women are active members, and many have multiple fellowships and/or have donated fellowships to other Soroptimist women.

You CAN Make a Difference!

Individuals can also donate to Founder Region Fellowship. Your donation to the women selected for Fellowship awards will give them the financial boost they need to finish their degree and go out and change the world.

Click here to open a donation form from the Founder Region web page.